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Space and culture

Innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment are the cornerstones of our culture. We materialise these values in a multidisciplinary workplace equipped with everything you need to find your inspiration. 

The innovative value of Correos

We drive business transformation through high-value assets. How do we differentiate ourselves? Combining our extensive experience with the latest innovation. We build the future with guaranteed success.

The ecosystem

Correoslabs is conceived under a halo of interaction where synergies and the development of innovative business models are the protagonists. A meeting point for companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups 

Lehnica Challenge

The contest that accelerates and promotes the consolidation of entrepreneurial projects. The Lehnica Challenge seeks to support up to 10 initiatives that solve challenges for Correos in the fields of Automation, Cyber-security, Customer Experience, Data Driven. Social and Logistics.

Building partnerships with start-ups to improve society

Together with start-ups, we develop projects to continuously improve our business and co-create new products or services. We start with concept tests that go further by building sustainable and satisfying long-term relationships. 

Correoslabs community start-ups

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Origin of Correoslabs

Origin of Correoslabs

Do you want to boost your start-up?

More than 300 years of experience have made us aware of the importance of adapting to change. Immersed in the most accelerated social evolution in history, our entrepreneurship team is seeking different collaboration strategies within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look for opportunities to continuously improve our services and, with them, society.

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Boost your project

Boost your project

We want to participate in the creation and improvement of an innovative and quality business fabric. At Correoslabs, we believe there is no better way to do this than by supporting entrepreneurial teams and their bold ideas. That’s why, since 2017, we have been working side by side with start-ups willing to grow with us. 

How do we support them? We build lasting and effective links, real synergies where we create value for society and drive the transformation of Correos. We trust in the start-ups’ projects and work together to achieve the success they deserve. 

Our duties

Our duties

Our mission is to help start-ups on a career path that will lead them to become leaders in their industry. But how do we achieve this? We have several lines of action with which we fulfil our mission day after day:

  • We work in collaborative spaces that promote networking among entrepreneurs. A unique ecosystem of cooperation between the different start-ups that allows them to create synergies, and promotes team bonding 
  • We have innovation and entrepreneurship hubs available to our members. The use of the rooms is open for everything you need, from internal meetings, ideation sessions, conferences or congresses.
  • We promote events that give life to Correoslabs. We organise training and dissemination activities and activities of interest that continue to promote constant learning. Check out the  upcoming events and sign up.

Our community

Our community

The Correoslabs community keeps growing!

We promote synergies and diversity through team building with professionals from different sectors. Thanks to the collaboration of institutions and companies, we support start-ups and their entrepreneurs. Correoslabs members are always invited to open sessions where the fusion of different work profiles is encouraged through the promotion of good development practices. We don’t close any doors! We are committed to the concept of open innovation to create a collaborative and agile space where we can all develop new ideas to shape our society.

Support the community, support Correoslabs. 

The ecosystem

The ecosystem

Correoslabs has an ecosystem formed by several institutions, figures and companies:

  • Correos: you will be able to contact Correos managers and employees. Why? Their vision and experience in the most experienced public company in the country will be of great support, and will provide you with a unique perspective when it comes to your business’ management 
  • Experts: we have a great team of experts in different areas that make their knowledge available to you. They are leaders in their fields and will help you to make your start-up a leader in its sector.  
  • Public Sector: It has never been easier to contact large public companies! We open the doors of the public sector and invite you to create synergies with companies such as RTVE, ENISA, AENA and many more 
  • Private Sector: at Correoslabs, private companies are friendly companies. We invite you to create win-win alliances with the more than 30 companies we work with 
  • Start-ups: don’t overlook meeting other start-ups! Always looking for new opportunities and ways to impact society. Within the ecosystem there are great entrepreneurs to relate with, learn from and create new collaboration agreements. 

Our friends

The companies that support our initiatives are friends because they share with us the greatest value of friendship: commitment. Day by day, they worry and work so that the projects they believe in get the recognition they deserve. We have created a community of friendly companies! Why not get to know them?

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Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm 

Our space

Calle de la Sierra de Atapuerca, 13 - C.P. 28050 Madrid